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Tammy Bassett, Director

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Fall 2018 prices are:  $85.00 registration fee

Two days per week (TTH)  $136.00 per month

Three days per week (MWF) $204.00 per month

Five days per week (M-F) $ 340.00 per month



Special Events: May 29th &30th  End of year Programs

           Times & details in a separate letter


Last day of School will be:

     May 24th (T-TH) and May 25th )(MWF) 



Teddy Bears


May 2018

Dear Parents,

            Our last unit of the year will be our Teddy Bear Unit.  This unit is an enjoyable experience with songs about loving and caring for our "Teddys" and using our imaginations.  As you can see by the list below, there are many enjoyable books, flannelboard stories and videos about Teddy Bears.  They play an important roll in a lot of young children's lives. Real bears are also covered in this unit with talks about hibernation, where bears live and the difference between real and pretend.    Also, questions like "Is a Panda a Bear?"

 This unit will end our school year with programs (only) on May 29th and May 30th.


Books Used in this Unit:

Humphrey's Bear                     Wahl/Joyce

Moongame                              Asch

The Big Brown Teddy Bear    A Predictable Storybook

Peace at Last                            Murphy

Tucker and the Bear                Chambless

Teddy Bears 1 to 10                Gretz

Happy Birthday Moon             Asch

Little Bear’s Big Sweater         Bedfird/Pedler

Baby Panda at the Fair             A Predictable Storybook

Shhh- Bears Sleeping               Martin

The Snow Bear                                    Moss

Bear Shadow                           Asch

Good Luck Bear                      Foley

Honey                                      Stein

The Bear's Toothache              McPhail

Sleepy Bear                             Dabcovich

The Big Hungry Bear              Wood

B.Bear & Lolly                        Livingston



Walt Disney's Educational Media - Beginning Auditory Skills series with Winnie the Pooh

 The Teddy Bear Picnic        Winnie the Pooh 




PRESCHOOL CALENDAR FOR 2017-2018 a work in progress!
(more dates are added throughout the school year and changes may be made)

August - first two weeks -

Letters sent out to registered children/parents about school start-up ;  You should receive it before Aug. 15th

August 31

Meet your teacher day (times will be sent with the letter in August

September 5 

First day of school for TTH and 5-day children

September 6

First day of school for MWF children

September 28/29

Parents visit music time ( a "not a program" event)

October 12/13

Fall Festival Days -for the preschoolers
An "on site" trip to the pumpkin patch

October 30/31

Halloween program for parents to enjoy

November 7/8 (changed date from original calendar)

Student Pictures

November 10

Veteran's Day (observed) NO SCHOOL

November 23/24

Thanksgiving Holiday NO SCHOOL

December 14/15

Christmas program for parents

December 18 through January 1

Christmas/winter break NO SCHOOL

Jan 2nd, return to school

January 15

Martin Luther King Jr. Day NO SCHOOL

February 13/14

Valentine Parties

February 16 No School

(Snow/Wind Storm Make-up day MWF)

February 19

President's Day NO SCHOOL

February 20 No School

(Snow/Wind Storm Make-up day TTH)

April 2nd through April 6th

Spring Break NO SCHOOL

April 25/26

Class Pictures

May 24/25

Last day of Classes at SCHOOL

May 28  Memorial Day

May 29/30



May 31

No school