6721 N. Monroe St.
Spokane WA 99208

Tammy Bassett, Owner
Amanda Briggs, Director

Free Play Rooms

What can we say... play, Play, PLAY!!!!!!! 

Play is serious business. It's an integral part of social development.

Preschool Equipment:

  • Snap Village and slide
  • Grocery center with all the goodies
  • Vet center
  • Nifty little train board
  • Work shop with "almost-power" tools
  • Trucks, blocks, and dollies. . . oh, my!
  • The occasional teepee encampment

 FP-Smiling girl_free play.jpg FP-boys in the kitchen_3914.jpg FP-reading a story_3489.jpg FP-Boy-train table_3351.jpg FP-small room_3163.jpg FP-outside-DuckDuckGoose_3666.jpg