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We are on Spring Break April 3-7



Space Music Program


Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Friends,

 You are invited to visit your child's music class for a program to end our space unit. 

Date:               Thursday, March 30, 2023 (Tues/Thurs class)

                      Friday, March 31, 2023 (Mon/Wed/Fri class)

              (Children who attend 5 days per week will be in both programs)


Your child's program time is:

                           Miss Fink                                       9:00 am

                           Mrs. Armendariz                          9:45 am

                           Mrs. Atchison                               10:30 am

                           Miss Bianca                                  11:15 am

                      Refreshments will be served following the visit.

For those parents who are working, the visit and refreshments will take approximately 40 minutes. If you are working and are unable to attend, please find a friend or relative to take your place. It is important that each child have someone there. As always, grandparents and friends are welcome. There will be no regularly scheduled class these days, just the programs.

     What to bring:    ONE DOZEN COOKIES or TREATS

(Please do not bring bakery style cupcakes. Clean-up is a problem as they tend to get into the church carpeting.)  Remember, no nut, peanut or sesame products because of allergies, and as always. they must be store packaged, and unopened. Thank you.


The school will provide punch.

                                                  Your Preschool Staff


Please Note: If possible, please pay your child's April tuition (a post-dated check would be fine) by March 31st as Spring Break is the next week and we try to pay our teachers before spring break. (they are usually paid on the 10th) THANKS! 



Space Unit




February 20          Presidents Day: No School     

February 21           Snow make-up day: No School

March 30 & 31      Music Programs

                               (more info sent home later)

April 3-7                   Spring Break: No School


Dear Parents, 

This unit will familiarize young children with the celestial bodies that make up our Solar System and the stars beyond. Through imaginative stories, films, music and poetry the children will learn the interrelationship of the sun, the eight planets, which orbit around it, and other fascinating things.  Hands-on science and other activities will help assist the children in comprehending the information and concepts introduced by the teacher. Materials from NASA have been added to this unit including learning about our Earth from space and the earth as a system. 

Objectives of The Unit

1. Understand day and night

2. Facts about stars and Our Sun

3. The moon and it's phases

4. Names of the eight planets and to identify them by visual characteristics, (and Pluto, too!)

5. Gravity and gravitational pull

6. Constellation fun

7. New vocabulary 

8.The Earth system and how important each element is

The children will learn about these and many other interesting facts. Talk to them. You will be surprised how much they will learn!


*Books for this unit are always being updated as we discover more about our universe.  

Jump into Science: Sun  National Geographic Book

Someone is Eating the Sun  A fun story about barn yard animals who think the sun is being eaten, when it’s really a solar eclipse.

Stars & Planets  An Eyewitness Workbooks


Max at Night

Goodnight Moon

Moon Cake

My Friend the Moon

Space Exploration

Otter in Space

Sun, Earth and Moon

Hello World, Planet Earth

The Earth and Sky









Pluto a dwarf planet

The Universe

Hello World, Solar System

Little Kids First Big Book of Space

Jump into Science: Stars

National Geographic Kids Night Sky

Laura’s Star

The Biggest Bear

I didn’t Know You Could Jump Higher on the Moon



Magic School Bus gets Lost in Space


Flannel Story 

 The Mad Astronomer


Your Northside Learning Center Staff






(stay tuned for updates!)                                                           

 PRESCHOOL CALENDAR FOR 2022-2023 a work in progress!
(more dates may be added throughout the school year and changes may be made)

August - first two weeks -

Letters sent to registered children/parents about school start-up by August 15th


September 1

 Meet your teacher day. Times will be sent with the letter in August.

September 6 

First Day of school for TTH and 5-day children

September 7

First day of school MWF 

September 29/30

Parents visit music time (a "not a program" event)


October 13/14

Fall Festival Days -for the preschoolers 
An "on site" trip to the pumpkin patch

October 27/28

Halloween program for parents to enjoy


November 2/3

Student Pictures

November 11

Veteran's Day  NO SCHOOL

November 24/25

Thanksgiving Holiday NO SCHOOL

November 30

Picture Retakes


December 15/16

Christmas Music program for parents 

December 19 through January 2

Christmas/winter break NO SCHOOL 


January 2/3

 Back to school

January 16

 Martin Luther King Jr. Day NO SCHOOL


February  13/14

 Valentine Parties

February 20

President's Day  NO SCHOOL

February 21

NO SCHOOL Snow/Wind Storm Make-up day TTH


March 30/31

Spring Music program for parents


April 3th through April 7th 

NO SCHOOL Spring Break

April 19th and 20th

Class Pictures


May 23/24 

Last days of Classes at school

 May 25/26 


May 30 Memorial Day  NO SCHOOL