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September Unit

SPECIAL EVENTS:   Parent Music Visit:  September 28/29th

Notes will be sent home later with details (there will not be a full day of school these days)


Dear Parents:

The first few days of preschool should be a friendly, informal time when the children explore freely, try out new inviting materials and get acquainted with their classmates and teachers. A child's feelings of self-worth is enhanced as they develop greater awareness of their own identity and discover that they are a very special person.

About The Unit

            The unit for September deals with the small child’s world of social relationship; making friends and learning to share with family and friends. Also, our fire-safety unit is covered and toward the end of the month you may begin hearing about fire drills (a state requirement).  In addition, we are exploring the Woodland Animals that live around us here in the Spokane area. The books and poems used in this unit have been carefully chosen to stimulate the children’s interest in the discussion of these situations.

            There are a number of concepts and responses a child must learn for a fire safety program to be effective.  Learning all these at once can be overwhelming to a young child.  To make it easier for children to learn each key fire safety behavior, the Play Safe! Be Safe! program is divided into four lessons, each focusing on a specific fire safety behavior and its related concepts. 

  1.  My friend the firefighter teaches children that even though a firefighter's gear may look strange, the firefighter is still a friend who will help us if there is a fire.
  2. Stop! Drop! and Roll! shows children what to do “if one day fire gets on their clothes”.
  3. Crawl Low Under Smoke! teaches children the correct fire safety response if they are ever in a room with smoke.
  4. Safe for Play! Keep Away! stresses that children should always keep away from  adult tools, especially matches and lighters.



Artemus and the Alphabet by Scott and Tammy Bassett; Take a fun trip through the alphabet with Artemus as he tries sitting on a swing or keeps busy counting cows. This book will be used throughout the year during Language Arts with our workbook papers.


Going to School by Anne Civardi                                                               

What Teachers Can't Do by Douglas Wood

Miss Nelson is Missing! by Harry Allard

That’s what Friends are For

Fire Engine No. 9

If you Give a Moose a Muffin

Possum in the House


The Boy who Wouldn’t Share

A friend like you

Are you a Cheeseburger? By Monica Arnoldo

Why Should I Share?     Why Should I Help?   and  Why Should I Listen?  by Claire Llewellyn 


 Play safe! Be safe! Videos by Bic.  A great collection of video's with Dan the Fireman, to teach young ones all about firefighters, and being safe! 


Thanks so much for letting us be involved in your children’s young lives!

Your preschool staff





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 PRESCHOOL CALENDAR FOR 2023-2024 a work in progress!
(more dates may be added throughout the school year and changes may be made)

August - first two weeks -

Letters sent to registered children/parents about school start-up by August 15th


August 31

 Meet your teacher day. Times will be sent with the letter in August.

September 5 

First Day of school for TTH and 5-day children

September 6

First day of school MWF 

September 28/29

Parents visit music time (a "not a program" event)


October 12/13

Fall Festival Days -for the preschoolers 
An "on site" trip to the pumpkin patch

October 26/27

Halloween program for parents to enjoy


November 10

Veteran's Day  NO SCHOOL

November 22/23/24

Thanksgiving Holiday NO SCHOOL



December 14/15

Christmas Music program for parents 

December 18 through January 1

Christmas/winter break NO SCHOOL 


January 2/3

 Back to school

January 15

 Martin Luther King Jr. Day NO SCHOOL


February  14/15

 Valentine Parties

February 16

NO SCHOOL Snow/Wind Storm Make-up day MWF

February 19

NO SCHOOL President's Day 

February 20

NO SCHOOL Snow/Wind Storm Make-up day TTH


March 28/29

Spring Music program for parents


April 1st through April 5th 

NO SCHOOL Spring Break



May 21/22 

Last days of Classes at school

 May 23/24 


May 27 Memorial Day  NO SCHOOL